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ESCC Education provides students with FREE guidance and assistance on the entire study abroad process. Our knowledgeable and experienced counsellors assist you to make informed choices on courses and universities that best match your academic ability, career goals and desired location. We also, provide assistance with the study application, admissions, accommodation, scholarship information and the student visa application process, as well as, pre-departure briefings and provide advice on settling down, studying and living in an overseas country. ESCC Education has professional and experienced team members on hand in all our offices, and over 100 partner institutions worldwide for you to choose from.


ESCC Education takes the stress off you. We make the entire process easier, faster and seamless


At ESCC Education, our values are;
E - Excellence in all we do
S - Success: We provide you the best options that meet your academic, career and location goals. We ensure your application is professionally prepared, positioning you for the best admissions offer and merit scholarship, (where applicable) at the institution with the best match. Our excellent visa application success rate assures you of success
C – Courtesy: The way we treat our clients & partners
C - Caring: We care. It’s all about our clients. Our team goes the extra mile for you. We assist with all processes and take every step with you till you reach your goal of enrolling at your institution and well beyond


Our Free services are as follows:
  • Career Counselling
  • Assistance with choice of University / Course of Study (Where necessary)
  • University Application / Admissions Processing
  • Visa Application and Interviews Guidance
  • Work-Study Information
  • English Testing Guidance
  • Accommodation Arrangement Guidance
  • University Scholarship Information
  • Guidance/ Assistance with tuition payment (Where necessary)
  • Info on cost of living and Studying Abroad
  • Pre-departure Briefings / Travel Arrangements
  • ...and many more


    Enrol at your dream university in 10 simple steps;
  • Register with ESCC Education or contact us today
  • Select university of interest and course of study (An ESCC Counsellor will assist, if you need help)
  • Provide application supporting document (click here for a list of necessary documents)
  • ESCC applies to your university of choice and provide you a unique application reference
  • Track your application, receive admissions offer, tuition/living cost quotation & any scholarship details, on the ESCC Application system...read on
  • News / Upcoming Events


    I just got my visa now. Thank you so much for all the kind assistance. I will be leaving for the UK, by the end of the week.
    Damilola Oluwaseun-Apo
    MBA, University of Northampton
    Though I have so far spent 4 months in the here, my experience of Sunderland and UK in general is not one I will forget in a hurry. And I have the hard working staff of ESCC EDUCATION UK to thank both for the admission and the VISA as I got an individualized attention from them.
    Ugono Akpevweoghene Ogheneowho
    MSc Computing University of Sunderland
    Their processing of my student application was very professional. I was met with hospitality, and enjoyed a fun and coherent communication. I'm simply a happy postgraduate student whose journey to excellence received the best helping hands from ESCC Education.
    Adegoke Oluwatimilehin
    MSc Energy Heriot Watt University
    At some point in my life it felt like there was no moving forward and all my asiprations was going to be placed on hold. ESSC Education UK came to my aid. Their determination and hardwork helped to prevent that from happening. They helped me secure an admission for an undergraduate course in One of the very good Universties in the UK. My experience with ESSC Education was unique and I got the assistance needed at every stage of my application process. The staff were up-to-date with information and they were enthusiastic about sharing it with me I thank God for using ESSC Education UK as a helper. I am really grateful and satisfied with the services ESSC Educations render. I would recommend the services of ESSC Education to anyone who would like to study Abroad.
    Temitope Fisher
    Coventry University
    I am completely ecstatic and happy that i chose ESCC EDUCATION as my educational consultants, every procedure leading up to receiving my conditional offer letter, making payments for my fees, and maintenance and visa arrangements, ESCC EDUCATION was with me every step of the way and for that i am very grateful, i would advise any on wishing to study abroad to engage their services, trust me you can't do it alone. i tried and in all of my confusion, exhaustion and anxiety they were able to help me out and to crown it all i got my visa in no time...I’m glad i chose ESCC EDUCATION.
    Cassandra Iyere
    MSc Construction Project Management Heriot-Watt University
    ESCC to me is an acronym for E- Excellence S-Security C-Concise C-Commitment. i.e. Excellent, Secured & Concise Commitment. Oh what a wonderful team they’ve got! All I’ve got to say to prospective students is just the same statement Mary, the Mother Of Jesus made in John 2:5, which is: whatever ESCC saith unto you, Please do. Wow!
    MSc Public Health University Of Northampton
    I came in contact with ESCC at a Lagos state exhibition held in 2012 at Eko hotel and Suites. The programme was basically to assist graduates who had intentions of travelling abroad for their Post graduate studies but didn’t know what schools to attend or what courses were appropriate for them. It was an insightful experience for me because not only did l get expert advice on my choice of academic course and school. ESCC served as an intermediary between UWE Bristol and me. They were my backbone- they kept me abreast with every single happening and told me everything I needed to know and do about my application to the school, my accommodation, my school fees and how to apply for my visa via UKBA. I got great value and much more.
    Blessing Chinwe Uba.
    MSc Marketing Communications University of the West of England
    My journey to the United Kingdom as a postgraduate student was nothing but smooth-sailing. From meeting with several representatives of different schools in the UK which creates wider choice of course and school of study to the painstaking and professional visa application service, ESCC takes all the credit. They have well-informed staff dedicated to helping you realise your dreams who will also provide you with all the information on how to quickly settle down for study and adjust to life outside school. Should I then not be glad I went to ESCC?"
    Ogunfemi Bolaji
    MSc Development Studies London South Bank University.
    ESCC Education UK has been a great help to me in terms of my admission and visa processing. They share your pains and joy with you all the way, they are wonderful people. I love to have them help and represent me any time, any day and will recommend them always. They are simply the best. I love you ESCC Education UK.
    Elizabeth Itegboje Anglia
    University of Ruskin
    My name is Olamipo Oladunjoye, a student at Coventry University UK. I would like to thank ESCC EDUCATION for playing an important role in getting me into this great school. ESCC Education gave me a great deal of professional and emotional support as they worked extremely hard to make sure my admission process was a success. The efforts that were put towards this process were incredible. Now I am in a great school and moving to greater heights. I personally believe that nothing can go wrong with an organization that puts its clients as top priority
    Olamipo Oladunjoye
    Coventry University UK
    After my B.Sc. in Nigeria, I planned on doing my M.Sc. in the UK, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Then I luckily found out about ESCC Education, they made everything so easy, everything was at a ‘click of a mouse’. They were with me from the application even down to my visa application… I can virtually say they did it all! The way they treated me is the way they treat all their clients, so I gladly recommend them to anyone looking to study in the UK. Teesside University is a good school, very friendly to their international students; you get a 5% discount if you pay your fees in full before enrolment, and also a scholarship of £1,500 as an International student. And the duration of their M.Sc. programs is just 1yr.
    Harry Daturoko Harold
    Petroleum Engineering M.Sc.
    I am Ogochukwu Ayika, a student yet to resume with the University of Sunderland to study Top-Up BBC Nursing. I have always had the dream to do my top-up abroad but because of my tight schedule I could not get myself to work on it. I bless the day I met Mrs Tayo Ogunsanya, who told me about ESCC. It was really a wonderful experience because at ESCC you see a bunch of professionals who are out to work for your interest. I say this because of the amazing assistance I got. My interest and concerns were taken personal and seriously too. Someone was assigned to me who carefully advised on everything I needed to get; then persistently and successfully saw me through each stage and today my long and realised dream is now a reality. I can proudly say “I am now living my dream”. Thanks to ESCC crew. I strongly recommend ESCC to everyone who wishes to study abroad. They are warm, professional and reliable. What else can I say thank you Tayo, Felicia, Seun , Nkeonye, Stephen, Gbenga and all ESCC’s crew.”
    Ogochukwu Ayika
    University of Sunderland
    I arrived the UK safely and it’s very chilly here. I am particularly thankful for all your kind efforts in realising this mission, God shall continually uplift you and all yours forever. I couldn’t have fulfilled this dream without your help and assistance and God’s grace. ESCC Education UK is simply the best. I have already started telling all my friends and colleagues about you
    Olawoyin Tunde MBA
    University of Northampton
    I am currently doing my MSC in International Management at Teesside University all thanks to ESCC Education. When I decided to go for my masters I tried everything possible, from applying online to going for so many exhibitions, so when I heard about ESCC’s exhibition, I was like “this will be the last one am going for” and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. Even though I was late submitting my documents they were very understanding and positive that all will be well. They were with me from start to finish; I can even say they were like friends in need. They are the best and am speaking from having tried other agents. I will definitely recommend them for anyone that wants to study abroad, they make everything seem so easy and stress less. Thank you ESCC for making it possible for me to be where I am today
    Dorothy Joseph
    MSc International Management Teesside University, UK
    Frist I was lucky, and then I was blessed. ESCC has been wonderful to me even while am still studying in the UK. I thought it would just be school application and visa counselling. But surprisingly, I still receive emails from ESCC Education. I am so lucky to have met ESCC. I also got an unbelievable £1,000 scholarship. God will continue to bless the whole ESCC Education family. I love you guys so much and I WILL NEVER FORGET ESCC because they transformed my life.”
    Funsho Babarinde
    M.Sc. Petroleum Tech. Teesside University
    Right now, school is going very fine for me and I have settled in fully and it’s all thanks to the team in ESCC because they helped me all through the process of putting in my application for my school and the entire process of ensuring I get my visa. I would definitely refer my friends to ESCC again and again.
    BSc. Business Management University of Roehampton
    It was really difficult getting any information in Agbor Delta state where lived, so when I came for the ESCC fair in 2014, they made it all easy for me as they explained that all I need to do is reply my email and phone calls from them and they will handle the entire process of my application and I don’t need to always travel down to meet them. True to their words, the guys at ESCC did it without me constantly going to their office and really this is amazing for me and today am in school and will gladly recommend ESCC to anyone.
    BSc. Nursing Top-up University of Sunderland
    I met the guys in ESCC just 3 weeks to my start date and after explaining my plight to them they assured me they can get me an offer and all my processing will be duly done as long as I follow their duly process. I was shocked that within 3 weeks I did actually get my offer, paid my full tuition and got my visa. This is after I had lost hope of going for my Masters in September 2015. Honestly ESCC is just the bomb and I would recommend them any day.
    MSc. Public Health UWE Bristol
    Although I have known the members of staff of ESCC education within a short period, but the little time I spent with them all through my visa application has been very productive and worthwhile. Their team spirit and effort in helping customers achieve their goals is very admirable. .During the course of processing my visa I went through some setbacks, but my direct agent alongside her colleagues; put me through, convinced and encouraged me to put in more effort towards obtaining a visa. They drew me close and offered me their services not just as a customer but a sister. I believe ESCC education is an organisation to work with to pursue your dreams regarding study abroad matters.
    MA. Media Communication and Culture University of Roehampton
    Like I constantly tell the agent I worked with directly in ESCC, I know she is getting paid, but she still goes out of her way to make sure little details are attended to and this is what I never got from other agents I worked with in the past. Even up to when I got to the UK, my agent in ESCC will still call me to make sure I arrived safely and to check if I had enrolled and started classes. I did refer ESCC to a friend and I will still refer again and again because their services are impressionable.
    MSc. Biomedical Science


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